CCSD Approved Materials
Elementary K-5

Bonnie Little,   Supervisor of Instructional Resources Adoption















Language Arts -Jan Hollis, Supervisor
Guided Reading Libraries
Signatures and Scholastic Basal Readers
Open Court Phonics (K-2)
Sitton Spelling Program (1-5)
Mathematics - Margaret Moss, Supervisor
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Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Kindergarten
Harcourt Math Georgia Edition First Grade
Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Second Grade
Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Third Grade
Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Fourth Grade
Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Fifth Grade
Science - Sally Creel, Supervisor
Harcourt Science K-5
Science Instant Readers (K-2)
Science Leveled Readers (3-5)
Social Studies - Joann Wood, Supervisor
Scholastic Literacy Centers (K-2)
Social Studies Program for Georgia (3rd Grade)
True Books by Grolier: Countries, Continents and Government(3rd Grade)
Harcourt Brace's Early United States (4th Grade)*
Harcourt Brace's United States in Modern Times (5th Grade)*
*The 1999 social studies adoption provided a choice for 4th and 5th grade materials. Schools could choose the Harcourt textbook or a collection of titles called "bundles." Please contact your school's textbook administrator to determine which materials are used.
Health - Mark Anderson, Supervisor
Your Health - Harcourt Publishers
This list is a summary of the major instructional components used in the Cobb County School District. A detailed list of all approved instructional materials can be found on the Board Approvals page.




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